Twelve years experience in collusion and plagiarism detection, computational linguistics, natural language processing and forensic linguistics. PhD in Education concerning academic integrity and Chinese International Students from RMIT University. Previously administered servers and developed software at The University of Melbourne.
McCrohon, M., & Nyland, B. (2018). The perceptions of commoditisation and internationalisation of higher education in Australia: an interview study of Chinese international students and their lecturers. Asia Pacific Education Review, 19(1), 17-26.

McCrohon, M., & Nyland, B. (2016). Academic experiences in teaching Chinese international students. Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education, 8(2), 238-251.

McCrohon, M. (2013). Towards a Digital Methodology for Qualitative Research. Presented at the Contemporary Approaches to Research in Mathematics, Science, Health and Environmental Education Symposium, Melbourne.

Johnston, C., Schulz, A., & McCrohon, M. (2003). An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Online Learning on Student Learning, Attitudes and Approaches to Study in Management Accounting at University, The 7th World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics July 27th-30th Orlando Florida Vol 1, pp. 339-343.

McCrohon, M., Lo, V., Dang, J., & Johnston, C. (2001). Video Streaming of Lectures via the Internet: An Experience Meeting at the Crossroads, Proceedings of the 18th Annual Conference of the Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education (ASCILITE) 9-12 Dec 2001 The University of Melbourne Victoria, Australia. pp. 397-406.
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Education, RMIT University

Research explored undergraduate Chinese international business student perspectives of academic integrity. In-depth interviews explored academic and student positions. Grounded and positioning theory underpinned the research design and analysis. Findings indicate that a range of factors, including mobility, English proficiency, technology and copyright simultaneously influence student perspectives of academic integrity.

McCrohon, M. (2014). A trans-disciplinary conceptualisation of Chinese international student perspectives of academic integrity, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Education, RMIT University.

Master of Education (MEd), with Distinction, RMIT University

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)

Bachelor of Business, Business Computing, Victoria University
New Jester Collusion Detection (

Autonomous, web-based software used in the detection of collusion and plagiarism by business, individuals and higher education worldwide.

Owner - Web Developer/Programmer
DOC Cop Plagiarism Detection

Developed, served and maintained software for the detection of collusion and plagiarism in higher education worldwide.

Web Developer/Programmer
The University of Melbourne

Developed on-line learning tools for the Faulty of Economics and Commerce, including web-based applications enabling students to submit qualitative and quantitative material for assessment by lecturers and tutors.
» Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) Scholarship - Department of Education and Training/RMIT University
» Team Award for Good Teaching and Teaching Innovation - Department of Accounting, The University of Melbourne
» Team Award for Good Teaching and Teaching Innovation - Department of Economics, The University of Melbourne